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About Us

My name is Rebecca Earnshaw and I am the Exclusive Australian Distributor of Skidders Footwear.  I currently live in Perth with my husband John and our three year old son, Harrison.

It all started when my parents took a holiday to US to visit my brother.  They were out shopping and came across Skidders footwear and they brought a couple of pairs back to New Zealand (we were living there at the time) for our son, Harrison who was 12 months old at the time.  They came at the right time as Harrison was just learning to walk.  He was struggling in standard shoes so I put him in Skidders and with the extra freedom he was walking in no time!

Harrison was wearing them out and about to mothers groups and play groups and I was getting a lot of positive feedback and after some research I realised there was nothing like this in New Zealand.  That's when Skidders New Zealand was born!

My husband's job had us move to Perth 15 months ago.  Again Harrison has been the perfect advertisement for Skidders!  People were asking me where I got them from and were there any other styles etc.  It soon became apparant that there was nothing like this in Australia - what people liked the most about Skidders was that they were a shoe that could be worn indoors and outdoors and they would stop kids slipping on wood and tile floors. 

So we now have Skidders Australia!

Our son Harrison wearing Skidders




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